Shabbat Pajama Party (Grades K-3)

Our Kindergarten through 3rd grade children gather a few times a year for a Pajama Party with our rabbis and cantor. Dressed in matching PJ’s, our clergy lead songs, tell stories, and guide our young students in positive encounters with Judaism.


6th Grade ShabatSoMPTY (Sparks of My People Temple Youth) is our energetic youth group for 6th through 8th grade students. Led by youth advisors and guided by our senior youth group board, SoMPTY is designed for socializing and relationship building within our community. Whether engaging in fun activities or social action projects, the teens develop an appreciation for Jewish community and their own worthiness as pre-teens.


Amanda Caldwell, SoMPTY Advisor

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer Quick is our LoMPTY and SoMPTY youth advisor, leading our 9 th -12 th and 6 th -8 th grade youth groups. Jennifer has worked in Jewish education for eight years and is very excited to be mentoring teens and pre-teens on their Jewish journeys.
Jennifer also runs her own tutoring company as well as teaches yoga to adults and children. Jennifer looks forward to facilitating the teens in creating fun, successful social and cultural events. “I want to empower the teens to feel confident in themselves and their ideas. My goal is for the teens to feel ownership over their youth group and thrive because of this.”
Jennifer grew up in Oak Park and attended San Diego State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Subsequently, she earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at California State University, Northridge. Jennifer lives with her husband Nathan, their two dogs Lucy and Brody, and their two cats Sophie and Diego. She spends her free time doing yoga, going to concerts and plays, running around Disneyland, traveling, and enjoying all the fun, random activities Los Angeles and the world has to offer.

Club 45 (Grades 4-5)

4th-6th Grade Retreat

Because your children are exceedingly busy, Or Ami’s retreat is so important. During a Shabbat at Camp Alonim with their Or Ami family, they will develop friendships with other kids in our program, relax away from the pressures of school, and take in some fresh air. The weekend - staffed by our rabbis and cantor, interns and beloved teachers - includes games, food, fun activities, sports, and a festive Shabbat celebration.

Youth Programming

Smiling Teens in Youth LoungeOur young people - including our teens - love being Jewish and love being part of our Jewish community. We understand that engaging our youth in Jewish and synagogue life is a top priority of Congregation Or Ami. We want our post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah teens to continue their intensive connection to the community. That means we begin early, by create meaningful social, leadership and learning opportunities for all our young people.

Our high school youth group, LoMPTY (Light of My People Temple Youth), offers a full calendar of engaging activities for teens in 9th through 12th grade. Affiliated with NFTY, the Reform Jewish Youth movement, LOMPTY combines social, cultural and religious programming, as it brings our teens together with other Jewish teens from all over Southern California.  

Our middle school youth group offers SoMPTY (Sparks of My People Temple Youth), engaging activities for 6th through 8th grade students. In addition, we hold Kef Nights, (Hebrew for "fun"), which are fun, socializing events. 

Our 4th through 6th graders enjoy activities including the annual 4th-6th Grade Retreat. 

Kindergarten through 3rd graders enjoy activities including Pajama Party with the Rabbis and Cantor.

3 TeensIn our 7th through 11th grade programs, students explore critical teen issues from a contemporary Jewish perspective.  Ninth through 11th grade Confirmation students meet twice a month with Rabbi Paul Kipnes.  All teens are invited to take our Confirmation Class for a test drive. For more information, contact Rabbi Paul Kipnes.