Partner Outside Organization: LSS Community Care Center of Ventura CountyFeed the Hungry

Chair: Lenore Alexander


When: Monthly, 4th Sunday of each Month, April to November

Completion Date of Date of Last Project: Ongoing

Description: We feed a group of homeless people, once a month, as part of an interfaith religious coalition. Volunteer prepare and serve a dinner at St. Patrick’s Church in Thousand Oaks. 4-6 families volunteer to prepare and serve meals to approximately 50 people. Specific details including sample meal plans are available by contacting the Chair.

Family Friendly: Yes

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: 10-hour minimum commitment requiring advanced planning – interested students should contact the Event Chair to secure a date several months in advance and secure approval from Or Ami’s Mitzvah Project Coordinator. Student assumes responsibility for recruiting volunteers for the day (family, friends, and/or classmates), cooking some of the food, ensuring the required amount of food will be delivered, and coordinating volunteers to serve and clean up.


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