Fostering Hope

fosteringhopeFostering Hope Presentation: Panel will discuss ways we can assist foster youth

Partner Outside Organization: Department of Children and Family Services

Chair: Laurie Tragen-Boykoff Co-Chairs: Nina Treiman, Jessica Ambroz (DCFS)

When: Thursday, March 16, 7:00 - 8:15pm

Description: Have you wondered how to leave a hand print on a child’s heart? A unique panel of professionals will share the ways, large and small. Foster youth are in need of all of the things that our own children take for granted, books and music, guidance and warm/th. At Congregation Or Ami, we make thousands of comfort bags for children going into emergency foster care. Join us as we take the next steps.

Family Friendly: No. Adults only. Childcare/Homework Club provided.

Walk to End Genocide

Partner Outside Organization: Jewish World Watch Walk to End Genocide 2014

Chair: TBD


When: April

Completion Date of Last Project: 4/27/2014

Description: Thousands of people come to walk together at the Jewish World Watch Walk To End Genocide. We march to let our local community and the world know that we will not stand idly by while human rights violations, violence, and genocide continue to impact the lives of innocent men, women and children. Participants walk for the cause, visit the Awareness Fair before and after the Walk, gather information at the advocacy booths on human rights abuses in Darfur, Sudan, Congo and elsewhere, participate in advocacy actions for the conflict minerals campaign, watch solar cooker demonstrations, make crafts, and listen to great music. The Walk evidences how our actions can change lives. It's not just a Walk- it's a Celebration of our community of conscience!

Family Friendly: Yes, this program is geared towards families more than individuals.

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: Mitzvah Projects require a minimum 10-hour commitment to a single project. Interested students should contact Event Chair and Mitzvah Project Coordinator several months in advance to determine whether some aspect of coordinating this event could serve as a Mitzvah Project. While definitely a wonderful Mitzvah, participating in the Walk to End Genocide alone will not fulfill the Mitzvah Project requirements. Interested students could potentially coordinate with the Event Chair and/or Jewish World Watch to raise awareness and recruit participants for The Walk To End Genocide.

Save a Child’s Heart

Partner Outside Organization: none

Chair: Jack Mayer


When: ongoing

Completion Date of Last Project: ongoing

Description: Save a Child's Heart is a highly acclaimed Israeli international humanitarian medical project, located at the Wolfson Medical Center, a government hospital in Holon, Israel. Our mission is to save the lives of children from developing countries by performing heart surgery to correct congenital heart problems and deformities. Without this treatment all of these children would perish. Also we train pediatric heart surgeons and medical specialists to create medical teams to work in their own countries.  To date, we have saved more than 3300 children from 48 countries. More than half of the children who were treated successfully last year were from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. SACH also operates a Children's Home in Holon where the children and guardians from various countries stay normally for 3 months for pre and post-operative care. The cost to save one child is only $10,000 … much less than a 10th of what it would cost in the United States.

Family Friendly: Yes

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: Mitzvah Projects require a minimum 10-hour “hands on” commitment to a single project. Any fundraising needs to be above and beyond the basic requirements. Interested students should contact the Event Chair to discuss an advocacy or awareness-raising campaign involving outreach to schools, scouts, or other outside community organizations. Mitzvah Project Coordinator approval required.

Shoes That Fit

Partner Outside Organization: Canoga Park Elementary School

Chair: Lisa Gordon

Website: none

When: November

Completion Date of Last Project: 11/15/2013

Description: Individuals and families choose one or more students from a local elementary school and, using shoe size provided, provide new athletic/running shoes to children in need. 

Family Friendly: The program can be family friendly as a project for organizing and checking to make sure the correct shoe sizes were purchased, but an adult needs to organize everything else.

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: 10-hour minimum commitment – requires advance planning, Event Chair oversight, and Mitzvah Project Coordinator approval.


Partner Outside Organization: Reform CA ( Reform CA

Chair: Rabbi Julia Weisz Co-chair: Rabbinic Intern Dusty Klass


Pictures: Check them out on Facebook

When: ongoing

Completion Date of Last Project: ongoing

Description: Reform CA is a joint campaign of California Reform Movement to act powerfully together for justice in our state. As a project of the all the social justice initiatives of the Reform Movement (the Peace and Justice Committee of the CCAR, the Religious Action Center, and the Just Congregations) we feel called to come together as a Movement to play a role in repairing the California dream. We join with one another to address systemic issues of injustice that hurt our families and our brothers and sisters across lines of race, class, and faith. Justice has been at the foundation of our Reform Jewish Movement since its inception. Acting together, we seek to build a California that is just, compassionate, thriving, and inspiring. Volunteers hold one-to-one and small group gatherings to discover what issues concern us a individuals and then group together to address commonalities.

Family Friendly: No

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: 10-hour minimum commitment – requires several months advance planning and approval by Event Chair and Mitzvah Project Coordinator. Interested students should check with the Event Chairs about actual needs.


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