Tara Fant is Or Ami’s bookkeeper. She has dedicated herself to bringing her warm, people-oriented skills to all of her jobs. She began her business career in Modesto where she ran two family-owned retirement homes focused on helping those who could not help themselves. For Tara, helping the elderly and assuring their safety and happiness was especially rewarding to her.

In the late 90’s Tara moved to Los Angeles to pursue her business career, always focused on working with clients and the public. For eight years she worked for a business management firm, working closely with the CEO and their high profile music and entertainment clients.

Since then Tara has guided companies in security, media and entertainment with office operations, human resources and financial management, working with clients like Disney and Warner Bros, and making sure that that all needs were accommodated properly, whether financial or organizationally.

Now Tara brings her financial skills and warmth to Or Ami, working with the congregation leadership to ensure our financials and your tzedakah are being accurately reported and ethically utilized. She is thrilled to be a part of such a warm and caring community.