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When you make a donation to Congregation Or Ami, you invest in future generations of Jews and Judaism. Your support provides invaluable resources to our warm, welcoming, musical, innovative Jewish community. You ensure creative Torah learning, meaningful social justice work, deep Jewish spirituality and warm communal caring.  



Congregation Or Ami also accepts donations through appreciated securities, stocks and bonds, personal property or endowments and annuities. Please contact Rabbi Paul Kipnes to discuss this further.

Gifts may be pledges paid over time or matching gifts that may take advantage of your company‚Äôs program to match a charitable contribution.  Feel free to challenge other Or Ami contributors by creating your own matching gift.  Speak with Rabbi Kipnes about how you can do this.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Toolbox

Blessing the Torah (for your Aliyah)Torah Blessings (in Hebrew, English and transliteration)

Listen to the blessings and practice:

Before (slow), Before (normal speed), After (slow), After (normal speed)

Watch how the blessings are done (YouTube video)

Mitzvah Project Planning Tools:

Introduction to the MP process
Mitzvah Project Planning Guide 
Mitzvah Project Resources
Mitzvah Project Share Form

Questions? Contact Project Coordinator Cathy Rutkin

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Handbook: 

Everything you need to know
Tikkun Olam (Social Justice)